Top 10 most beautiful islands of Vietnam

10. Ba Lua peninsula

Ba Lua peninsula

Ba Lua island in the area of the Gulf of Thailand, Kien Luong district. Ba Lua peninsula consists of three large islands: Heo island, Ngang island, Nhum Ba island and many other small islands. Coming there, you will have chance to show off the ability to find and catch shellfish, then you will have them cooked for your meal.

During the time when the water level can just reach your abdomen, the most interesting thing about Ba Lua peninsula is that you can walk from one island to another without needing a buoy or any other swimming aid. The feeling of standing between the sea will make you feel both afraid and excited. That is not the only amazing thing, you can also discover uninhabited small islands. Experience the feeling of being the owner of a whole island for a day is an indispensable thing.

9. Binh Hung Island

Binh Hung island

Situated near Binh Ba Island, Binh Hung island is a popular place to explore. It takes only 5 minutes to go from the pier to the island so there are ships running all the time. Binh Hung has not been exploited for tourism so there are not many people coming there.

Freshwater beach is a beach that you should go swimming at for at least once. The special thing about Freshwater beach lies right in its name. There is a stream of freshwater flowing right beside the sea. Binh Hung is also attractive for Hon Chut Lighthouse, Egg Rock beach and other travel services like in Binh Ba. In addition, Kinh beach is stunning with 3-color sea water. The sea water is so pure that we can see the bottom; and the soft white sand will fascinate those who come there.

8. Nam Du Island

Nam Du island

Located in Kien Hai district, Kien Giang province, Nam Du is known as a pristine island and has not been fully exploited for tourism as Phu Quoc. However, it is these things that make Nam Du more mysterious. Coming there, you can go swimming at Cay Men, Ngu beach, visit Nam Du lighthouse, or take a boat trip to the neighboring islands such as Hon Mau and Ngang island.

Especially, in Nam Du the prices of services as well as hotels are quite cheap. Before coming there, you should do some survey first and contact with local people so that they can prepare all necessary things at your arrival. People in Nam Du are very friendly and hospitable, they also have a very high sense of environmental protection. That is why until now, Nam Du still preserves wild beauty.

7. Cu Lao Cham (The Cham Islands)

Cu Lao Cham

Cu Lao Cham is about 15 kilometers away from Hoi An. It consists of 8 islands located nearby one another. In Hon Lao, there are Lang beach, Huong beach or Chong beach and Xep beach, which are more pristine. This is the land where freshwater in streams runs all day and night. Therefore, people can plant rice on the island. Visitors are so excited with this that they even ask to walk in the field. Although in the island, rocky land accounts for a vast area, the local people have been successfully planting trees for fruits. Coming to the island, you will see how well the plants are grown there.

Going to Cham Island, visitors are not only eager to go diving and admire the beautiful coral reefs, but also excited to see the local people working on the fields. People in Cu Lao Cham are never afraid of lack of food. Fish and shrimp are plenty in the sea. Just head for the open sea, then catch them; they will have good meals. Cu Lao Cham was recognized as a World Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO.

6. Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba island

Binh Ba island is situated in Khanh Hoa province and is about 15 kilometers from Cam Ranh port.  It is not difficult to go to Binh Ba in any season of the year. The cost of traveling, eating is extremely cheap. All you need to do is enjoy the stunning beauty of the crystal clear beaches in Binh Ba with your stomach full of tasty seafood. Binh Ba is famous for Chuong beach, Nom beach and Nha Cu beach, where you can freely watch the sunrise, dive to see coral reefs, or go fishing.

Binh Ba specialties are lobster, which can be processed in various ways by the local people. Since Binh Ba island has been exploited for tourism for only a few years, the service fees are still quite cheap. However that some people over-exploited it changes the pristineness and cleanness of the island.

One more special thing is foreigners are not allowed to visit this island, only Vietnamese are allowed here.

5. Phu Quy Island (Cu Lao Thu)

Phu Quy island

Apart from Cu Lao Thu, there are many other names to call Phu Quy island such as Khoai Xu island, Thuan Tinh island. About 120 kilometers away from Phan Thiet, Cu Lao Thu is only 16 kilometers squared, but it is strangely attractive. Only with a motorbike, you can go to the grave of Master Nai to know about the history of the island; or you can stand on Doi cape to admire the scenery of sea waves hitting on the beach or go to Trieu Duong beach - the most romantic beach on the island.

In addition, you should also visit Cao Cat Mountain - where Linh Son Pagoda is located at, the lighthouse of Cam mountain – where you can watch the most beautiful sunset scenery in Vietnam. Spanner crab and vermilion grouper are specialties of the island that you can not ignore. Phu Quy Island also owns so stunning coastline that if you see it once you will remember it forever.

4. Co To Island

Co To island

You may spend one or two days in Co To (Quang Ninh) so as to visit and explore it. Unlike in other islands where you may need a motorbike or a boat to travel, to Co To, you should ride a bike instead.

The destinations that you should pay a visit are Co To Lighthouse, Van Chai, Hong Van, Bac Van port, Cau My rock beach. Also, do not miss Small Co To island, a small island with no inhabitants near Co To. If you want to have a BBQ party at the beach, you should get up early to go to the market, buy seafood such as squid, clam and oyster.

3. Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc island

Phu Quoc is a famous tourist island, topping the list of three top tourist destinations in the Winter by National Geographic or ranked first in the Asiaone's top 10 Asian Ocean Tourism destinations. It possesses the most beautiful beaches in the world such as Sao beach, Dai beach and dozens of other pristine beaches. There are diverse kinds of seafood there such as sea urchin, scallops, strombus, cobia and herring. You can also join exciting activities in Phu Quoc like going diving to see coral reefs, squid fishing.

To Phu Quoc, you should rent a motorbike to explore around the island. The road system is still not complete, challenging "drivers" to show off their driving ability. But you should also watch out for the police!

2. Ly Son Island (Cu Lao Re)

To Vo Gate

Recently, Ly Son has become a famous place for backpacking tourism, but in fact, for people in Quang Ngai in particular and Central Vietnam in general, Ly Son has been existing since very long time ago with its historical significance. There are not many hotels in Ly Son, but homestay service is popular there, or you can set up a tent on Be island, eat and stay there without any extra cost.

In Ly Son you can find To Vo Gate, the Statue of Guanyin, Hang Pagoda, Hang Cau and the flag tower  on Mount Thoi Loi and other temples and pagodas. A unique specialty of Ly Son is single clove garlic, besides, there are many kinds of special sea animals such as giant clam, spanner crab and tripletail.

1.Con Son Island (Con Dao)

Con Dao

This island is the place where Brangelina chose to visit while traveling in Vietnam. There is nothing to debate about the popularity of Con Dao. For the passionate travelers, Con Dao is a place that you cannot miss in a lifetime. Perhaps the far distance from the mainland and good management are two major factors that helps Con Dao maintain its beauty until now, despite the fact that resorts are mushrooming.

Coming to Con Dao, if you are Vietnamese people, lets pay a visit to Hang Duong cematary where the national heroes are deep in their everlasting sleep.

Besides, Dam Trau beach – the most beautiful beach of Con Dao island, and Bay Canh island are the places that have a lot to discover. Con Dao’s history is also something really interesting to explore while staying there.

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