6 ideal must-go places in the North Vietnam

There are so many places to discover in the North Vietnam namely Hanoi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, and so on but if you prefer having a pleasant trip in some days for relaxation, the six following places are highly recommended for you.

1. Co To – Beautiful and unspoiled island

As one of the tourist destination which is still in almost unspoiled condition, Co To (Quang Ninh province) is the place where visitors can get immersed into the nature and admire the beautiful scenery. Co To is now one of the most popular and favorite destinations in Vietnam.

Co To island

In Co To, there are long beaches with white and soft sand ground, unspoiled rocky areas, and green casuarina groves wavering in the wind. Coming to Coto you should not such places like small Co To Island - possessing the most pristine beach among the islands, Co To Lighthouse - where you can see the whole scenery of Co To, Cau My - where there are overlapping rocks in various colors, and shapes. You can also come here to see fish swimming under the pure blue water. You should also visit Hong Van beach - the most beautiful beach of the island, the water here is extremely beautiful, there are also carpet flowers ripple purple beach around the beach ...

2. Ha Long Bay – one of the seven wonders of the world

Ha Long bay is a famous place, but not everyone has the opportunity to get there. Getting away from the stuffy atmosphere of the city, you can immerse yourself in the sea, feel the salty but extremely comfortable air.

Ha Long bay

At Ha Long Bay, you have the opportunity to go on a cruise and visit the wild but breathtakingly beautiful caves. Just admire it with your eyes and feel with your heart, you will not need to utter any words which can describe its beauty.

Although in Ha Long Bay you will not see as many beaches as in other places, if you spend time to visit the islands such as Cat Ba, Quan Lan, you will have enjoyable time there enjoying the sea.

3. Sapa – romantic heaven on Earth

To speak of Sapa is to speak of a picturesque and romantic land, it is compared to Da Lat for the pleasant weather.  

Sa Pa

Coming to Sapa,  you should spend time with your family anf friends to visit the tourist attractions there such as:

- Thac Bac waterfall (Silver Falls): lets come here to see the waterfall flowing from a height of 200 meters and join the stream below the valley. From here, go for about 3 kilometers further you will reach the top of the Pass - where you can see Fansipan peak.

- Ham Rong Mountain: From the top of Ham Rong Mountain, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Sapa, Muong Hoa valley, Ta Phin. It can be said that Ham Rong is one of the must-go places of Sapa. 

- Love waterfall: This is the place where loving couples should never miss when coming to Sa Pa. It is said that if a loving couple come here together, they will love each other forever more.

- Cat Cat village, Ta Phin village: These are very famous places in Sapa, characterized by ethnic group.

- Sapa ancient stone church: Sapa stone church is considered as one of the French constructions which still keep the most original design until present.

4. Moc Chau – the highland with large tea tree fields

Moc Chau is also an ideal place for you and your family to visit. This is not bustling, or crowded place but it is extremely comfortable and peaceful there. You can relax and inhale the cool fresh air of Moc Chau.

Moc Chau tea tree

Moc Chau is suitable for a short trip, about 3-4 days. Summer is the time when the hills are covered with blossoming flowers so you can wander around to admire the vibrant colors of the nature and watch the blue sky high above; let your soul drifting in the wind, feel the happiness and energy filled.

In addition, Moc Chau also has Dai yem waterfall, Bat Cave and many beautiful, poetic and dreamlike places. Coming to Moc Chau, sometimes all you need is waking up early in the morning and savoring the cool taste of the mist of the highland.

5. Ha Giang – the country’s northernmost

Ha Giang double mountain

Ha Giang is the northernmost land of Vietnam. The stunning landscapes that you can see there are the combination of wild and romantic beauty.

To Ha Giang, you will have chance to discover magnificent landscapes, and breathe fresh air. Do not miss those destinations like Double mountain, Pine Hill, rice terraces, Dong Van market fair and Ma Pi Leng pass.

6. Tam Dao – place for loving couples

Ancient stone church 

Romantic, poetic, wild and beautiful are the adjectives that can partly describe the beauty of Tam Dao. You can experience four seasons in just one day in Tam Dao, which is the feature of the weather in Tam Dao that most people remember about it. The weather is quite superb in this tranquil land.   

There are some tourist sites that your should pay a visit when coming to Tam Dao: Thuong Ngan Queen, Tam Dao ancient church. Besides, you can enjoy the special food of Tam Dao such as Tam Dao chayote, hill chicken and grilled pork.

Source: baoduongsat.vn



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