What is Vietnam Visa approval letter?

To enter Vietnam for any purpose, you have to have Vietnam Visa. This is a requirement of Vietnam Immigration Department for foreigners. There are many ways to get Vietnam visa. You can go to Vietnam Embassy by yourself or you can get Vietnam visa online. For get Vietnam visa online, you will have Vietnam visa on arrival and when you visit Vietnam, you have to have Vietnam visa approval letter.     

1. So What is Vietnam visa approval letter?

In simple words, the Vietnam visa approval letter is a legitimate document issued from Vietnam Immigration that asserts a legal foray into Vietnam. The approval letter has to be stamped at the Vietnam international airport to receive official permission for your stay in the country for a certain time period.

2. How to obtain the approval letter?

You can apply for Vietnam visa by online Vietnam visa on arrival service where you will have the approval letter sent to your home. Here are the steps-

  • Find a reputed online Vietnam visa company

Your first task here is to locate a reliable online Vietnam visa service offering the advanced Vietnam visa on arrival facility. Take a market survey on 4-5 such companies online and go through their websites, market reputation and customer testimonials. The one you take to should be a Vietnam Immigration approved company with strong industry reputation. The best companies generally offer cash back guarantee.

  • Apply and submit payment online

As you locate a reliable online Vietnam visa company, proceed to the application process on the company website. You would be greeted with a simple form that won’t take more than 2-3 minutes to complete. Stay ready with your passport as the form is going to ask about your passport number. Also be careful with the email id you submit as this is where you would be receiving your visa approval letter. You can apply for 1 month of visa or 3 months of visa as well- irrespective of single entry or multiple entries. After you fill up the form, submit the payment online. You can pay via bank transfer or credit card or PayPal.

  • Visa approval letter

The online visa company will send its own officials to the Vietnam Immigration Department on your behalf to obtain the visa approval for you. The online visa processing takes 1-2 working days after you send your application. The visa approval letter would be accredited by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

3.  After you receive the approval letter online

After you receive the visa approval letter on your email, you would have to get a print out of that letter and carry it along with you in the Vietnam International airport. You will have visa outlets at any international airport in Vietnam. You would need to carry two passport size photographs with you along with the visa approval letter. The photographs should be recent ones and not older than 6 months. When you reach the Vietnam international airport go to immigration check-in for the further visa formalities. You would be asked to submit the visa approval letter, your passport (with minimum 6 months of validity), 2 passport-sized photographs & stamping fee.  The stamping fee must be paid in cash for Immigration Officer.

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